Best Films of 2012

bestmovies 2012As an armchair film critic, it takes me a while to finish seeing most of the “best” films of a year. There are still a half dozen smaller films that got great reviews I haven’t seen from 2012, about 15 films I’d still really like to see, and others I’ll discover down the road. So my Top Films list is always a work in progress. I feel no obligation to establish it in stone right this second.

As a whole, I thought 2012 was an outstanding year – one of the best overall in a while in depth. And, unlike some recent years, the best films weren’t all completely depressing. Of the 9 films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, 8 of them made my top 20. Only Amour (AKA 2 hours of incredible sadness) didn’t quite make it.

Just before the Oscars, I will reveal my picks and predictions, but here is (ever-evolving) Top films of 2013.

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As a child of the 1980s, I am conditioned to appreciate that era’s nostalgia. Throw in references from Indiana Jones to Tiffany and I am amused and comforted. The recently released comedy Ted is an episode of I Love the 80s drenched in Mountain Dew and jammed full of pop rocks. It is ceaseless, gives you an incredible high, and ultimately signifies nothing, but boy did I laugh a lot. Continue reading