Moving – Things That Stay the Same

moving-house12 months later and, as Yogi Berra said, it is Déjà vu all over again. I’ve moved cross country. My stuff is delayed (and I stand by my original post on “Stuff”). Constant change and transition is tough and many of us are not cut out for it.

What makes it especially challenging is nothing is obvious and easy. From where to get lunch to where are my black pants, there are few consistent things in a new town with a new job with an empty apartment. The change is the main constant.

So with all the things that change, let me focus on what has stayed them same.

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It is clear that George Carlin was totally right. It’s all about finding a place for  stuff.

I spent the last months reducing how much stuff I had – getting rid of books, DVDs, mementos, clothing, furniture, and more. Not because I didn’t like that stuff, but because moving it and holding onto it didn’t make sense with a cross-country 1-year move.

For the actual move itself, I subdivided my stuff into only a few categories: Stuff to fly with for vacation in Portland, stuff to ship to have extra things when I got to LA, and everything else. It was a great plan. On vacation in Portland, I had mostly the right stuff. Getting to LA, I had all new stuff to look at from the box that was shipped. When I went to Las Vegas for an unexpected few days, I had to re-sort all my stuff, but thanks to Carlin I knew what to bring. Continue reading