Mini-Review: Everest


PG-13, 121 Minutes, 2015everest-poster-trailer

 A whole bunch of people risk their lives to touch the tallest point on earth. It doesn’t go well.

Starring: Jason Clarke as Nice, Josh Brolin as Texas!!!, Jake Gyllenhaal as Drunk Reckless Cool, Keira Knightley as One Who Makes You Cry, Robin Wright as Her Character from House of Cards.

Directed: Baltasar Kormákur – He’s from Iceland; don’t pretend you’ve heard of him.

Best Thing About It: Visuals of Everest – but the IMAX film from 1998 is so much better.

Worst Thing About It: Huge cast must be impossible to keep track of – but it doesn’t matter as everyone either a one note part (Texas!) or completely bland.

Oddest Thing About It: Having once-upon-a-time binged on the Everest 1996 disaster (multiple books, terrible TV movie, met Peach Weathers, wrote a High Holy Day sermon on it), I already knew who was going to die, so it took most of the tension out of the film.

Overall: Visual appealing film about terrible disaster mostly caused by human lust for somewhat meaningless accomplishment. Beck Weathers and Jon Krakauer at least find significance out of the events in their books. The film just ends with where-are-they-now postscripts.

Rating: 2 RaMaKs

House of Cards

housecardsI finished watching Netflix’s House of Cards last week. While I saw all 13 episodes in a relatively brief time, I did not have the same intensity as with other marathon TV watching (ex. early seasons of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, Parks and Recreation). I did not binge.

The main reason? I just didn’t really like almost any of the characters.

The men are byproducts of their vices and power. There is little self-control or morality at play.

The women ultimately are objects of desire who use sex to further their ends (with some exceptions).

The show is wonderfully acted with great production values, surpassing twists, and great suspense and surprise. But that’s only enough to make it good.

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