#BlogElul via the Movies 24 – Giving

If you haven’t seen The Artist, the Academy Award winner for Best Picture of last year, then you really need to see more movies. It was best picture and everyone (just about) loved it. So I don’t feel bad referring to the end of the movie assuming 95% have seen it and the other 5% aren’t much of a mover goer. But you can click “Continue Reading” below  if you really don’t want to know the end of the film.

As his career and finances drain away in the wake of sound films, silent film star George grows depressed and irrational. When he ends up injured after a fire, a series of generous actions are revealed to him. At first they are all anonymous: George is recovering in a beautiful home. All his possessions that were sold at auction are stored in a downstairs room of the house. His faithful butler, whom he let go well after his money ran out, is now working for for this same mysterious benefactor. These acts of giving have been done without the recipient, George, knowing who is helping – and without even knowing they are taking place. On Maimonides famous ladder of giving it would be number 6 – or right near the top.

Soon it is revealed the giver is the world-famous actress Peppy, a dancer that George helped get her break in show business. After a brief near suicide attempt by George, Peppy’s generosity continues as she gives him much needed strength and support and then helps him get a job in new Hollywood.

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