Bob Costas

I love Bob Costas. I think he is an amazing sports reporter, journalist, and newsman. But I noticed in his Olympics coverage that he looks much younger than his actual age. Any guesses on that? Answer below.

Some internet searching found this excellent blog post from Meredith C. Carroll during the 2010 Winter Olymipics. It still applies. Check out Meredith’s writings at @MCCarroll and

(Bob is 60!)


Dear Bob (may I call you Bob?),

Having spent some time over the past few weeks watching the Winter Olympics, I wanted to tell you that you’re a paragon of journalists. Not for a moment have you revealed even the tiniest hint of emotion on your face. Few others have lived and breathed the Society of Professional of Journalists’ Code of Ethics as righteously as you do. Surely Edward R. Murrow would have respected enormously how you’re gallantly carrying on the long-standing and proud tradition of professional integrity.

Mr. Murrow also might have been just a wee bit astounded at how little you appear to have aged over the last several years, which probably goes hand-in-hand with the lack of expression on your face. And that brings me to the real purpose of this letter: Michael Jackson’s nose called. He wants his punch line back.

Bob, it’s time to break up with your plastic surgeon. Continue reading