Moving – Things That Stay the Same

moving-house12 months later and, as Yogi Berra said, it is Déjà vu all over again. I’ve moved cross country. My stuff is delayed (and I stand by my original post on “Stuff”). Constant change and transition is tough and many of us are not cut out for it.

What makes it especially challenging is nothing is obvious and easy. From where to get lunch to where are my black pants, there are few consistent things in a new town with a new job with an empty apartment. The change is the main constant.

So with all the things that change, let me focus on what has stayed them same.

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Extraction Reaction

Unpacking your boxes after moving is sort of like opening birthday presents or wedding shower gifts in a world of reruns. You get lots of mystery boxes, unwrap them, and deal with the joy or disappointment of what’s inside. Then you move onto the next item. Granted you already owned the item, but having been away from my stuff for about a month, each wrapped item was full of surprise. Because professional movers wrapped it and labeled each box very broadly (“Living Room Stuff”), I never knew what to expect – especially as I continue to hunt for particular items I need. Most important moving tip: Make sure boxes are labeled better.

If you go on a long vacation, when you get home your stuff isn’t particularly surprising – it’s just your stuff. But with every single item you own passing through your hands as you unpack, you are forced to reevaluate your property and reflect on your life’s possessions an commercial choices. I have found a few common reactions as I unwrapped items and opened boxes: Continue reading