Paramount Studios Tour Live Tweet

photoFor whatever it is worth (Not much), I live tweeted my visit to the Paramount Studious Tour today @MarkKaiserman. Kept me busy in the slow parts.


Here are the tweets:

Live Tweeting my Paramount Studios tour ‪#ParamountTweet

Gift shop has Godfather Monopoly. Would play just to be horse’s head. ‪#ParamountTweet

BCSnpZmCQAA3CRl.jpg-largeAt the fountain that looks like the Paramount mountain. Charles Bronson discovered here ‪#ParamountTweet


Cecil B. DeMille’s The Squaw Man was first film shot in Hollywood – due to bad weather in Flagstaff, AZ ‪#ParamountTweet


Parting of Red Sea, whales in ocean in Star Trek IV, lake scene in Cheers shot on same parking lot ‪#ParamountTweet

Subway removed. Lights changed. NYC set turned into Boston for Rizzoli and Isles shooting. ‪#ParamountTweet

Last Community facade still on lot. ‪#sixseasonsandamovie ‪#ParamountTweetBCS1laPCYAAerVa

Filming on the Paramount lot is TV – 1 cancelled, 1 done. Most mediocre. ‪#ParamountTweetBCS6KcOCUAEWGJ0.jpg-large

Paramount tour over. Only celebs seen were fleeting of Elisha Cuthbert and Angie Harmon. ‪#ParamountTweet



Tour was decent. I am looking forward to going to Warner Bros. Studio Tour next month as it is supposed to be better.

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