Do You Believe in Magic?

Remember that movie starring lots of actors known for big budget roles in recent years that I said was a boring waste of time? To test my theory about the flaws of Now You See Me, I watched Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, which hits on similar ground. And it also stars a host of notable characters otherwise played by the stars:

  • Batman and Alfred Pennyworth
  • Wolverine


  • Black Widow
  • Maya from Iron Man 3


  • maya-hansenGollum
  • And Ziggy Stardust



And the results are very different.

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Now You See Me…But I Wish I Hadn’t

  • Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Foxalfred and lucius
  • Bruce Banner2chke39
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Haymitch AbernathyJesse-Eisenberg-The-Social-Network-jesse-eisenberg-20554690-1236-79520120408230450!Haymitch_abernathy_promo
  • Rebel Alley
  • James Franco’s Brother5b8aaf0a6c9e44ca_isla.xxxlarge_1tumblr_lg7kr2VfUP1qa6isdo1_500
  • Shoshana from Inglourious Basterds
  • …and Commontumblr_kor1zaV9FJ1qzbrt3o1_400commmmmon

What do they all have in…common?

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