The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – Star Search

Sally FieldSo I saw a lot of celebrities on the Red Carpet from the bleachers. It wasn’t always easy. Some were in a big ole hurry. And the carpet was jammed with people, so it easy to miss someone – especially a man in a regular tux. So when Aaron Tveit walked by on the carpet, I’m sad I missed him, but I can see how he was overlooked by everyone. (Just as his amazing performance in Les Misérables wasn’t given its due)

Of the 25 nominees for director and acting, we saw 21 of them. The only ones we never saw apparently did not walk the carpet: Denzel Washington, Emmanuelle Riva (no surprise), Michael Haneke, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. There is a side door off of Hollywood Blvd. for people to come and go without touching the press or the crowds.

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Cloud Atlas: You’ll Keep Meeting Tom Hanks

I know you’re strapped for time. So watching movies comes at premium. And I have the solution for you. If you have 3 hours or so, you can see:

  1. an adventure at sea (with freed slaves!)
  2. a period piece music story (with gay lovers!)
  3. a 70s environmental mystery (with sexy African-American female journalist!)
  4. a contemporary comedy (with old people!)
  5. a sci-fi liberation story (with Korean clones!)
  6. a post-apocalyptic future meets primitives (with unintelligible future folksy dialogue!)

And somehow…it works.

Cloud Atlas is a film that probably benefits from multiple watchings, not to mention frequents readings of the acclaimed book. It intersperses seven different timelines (the 7th is a prologue/epilogue for story telling needs). Do not go in to trying to understand the actual film. It jumps regularly between the time periods and has so many characters that the best choice is just to let it wash over you. Continue reading