It is clear that George Carlin was totally right. It’s all about finding a place for  stuff.

I spent the last months reducing how much stuff I had – getting rid of books, DVDs, mementos, clothing, furniture, and more. Not because I didn’t like that stuff, but because moving it and holding onto it didn’t make sense with a cross-country 1-year move.

For the actual move itself, I subdivided my stuff into only a few categories: Stuff to fly with for vacation in Portland, stuff to ship to have extra things when I got to LA, and everything else. It was a great plan. On vacation in Portland, I had mostly the right stuff. Getting to LA, I had all new stuff to look at from the box that was shipped. When I went to Las Vegas for an unexpected few days, I had to re-sort all my stuff, but thanks to Carlin I knew what to bring. Continue reading