Mini-Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence

PG-13, 120 Minutes, 2016


About: Super-powerful Aliens somehow have superior technology and a surprise attack, but can’t handle a few humans with a “hail Mary” preposterous plan (Is that really a spoiler?)

Starring: A bunch of a people from the 1st movie (who make you feel old), two of the kid actors from the first movie recast, and pretty people for this new movie

Directed: Roland Emmerich, who really has ZERO good narrative films in his career since Independence Day (1996). I mean Godzilla? 2012? 10,000 BC? The Day After Tomorrow?

Best Thing About It: They embrace their 20-year-old past and continue the character threads as if time had passed. (I LOVED the 1996 film)

alien-queen-takes-out-a-fighter-jet-52Worst Thing About It: The movie ends like a video game – the hero trying to fight off the “Big Boss” as time runs out.

Notable Thing About It: Movie reminds you to hoard your old, dead technology. Telegraph, Short Wave Radio, Walkie Talkies have all prove useful, so make sure to hold onto your rotary telephones, pagers, and Catrivision – they might just save the world.


Overall: While there a few nice action set pieces, the plot is utter gibberish, even for a Emmerich/Dean Devlin film. It is also hard to care that much about any one character when BILLIONS of people die in this movie. At least they give older people stuff to do. If you need to be in air-conditioning for two hours while things go boom, go ahead. Otherwise, it is a big disappointment

Rating: 1 1/2 RaMaKs (out of 4)