Best Films of 2013

top-10-films-2013I wish I’d seen all of them – all the foreign films, documentaries, independents, even the poorly rated blockbusters. But I’m just an arm chair critic and seeing over 70 films in 2013 is a heck of lot anyway.

Another very good, but not outstanding year. Few of these films will be classics in a decade, but they were plenty enjoyable to watch. Of my top 10, 7 were based on real life stories. My tastes also seem to match up to the Academy more and more. Of the 9 best picture nominees, 7 are in my top 10 and the other 2 in my Top 20.  I chalk this up to not seeing enough independent and foreign films.

I’ll share Oscar predictions closer to the show.

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Do You Rekall?

You might not have ever read Philip K. Dick’s short story, “’We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”. It tells the story of an average man, Douglas Quail (yes, it was originally Quail), whose fondest desire it to go to Mars. Instead he goes to Rekal, a memory service. While about to implanted with his false memories of a trip to the red planet, the technicians discover he has actually been to Mars already, is really a secret agent, and has had his memory erased. He later confronts agents of the government.

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