15 Years of #1s

number-1It occurred to me that this is the 15th year I have been actively keeping a Top 10 movies list. So I did a little number crunching.

Of movies released from 1999-2013, I have seen 1029 (or 68.9 movies a year). Granted I see movies years after they are released and I also see movies released before 1999, so this is not an actual record of how many movies I see a year. But apparently I see quite a lot.

Of the movies I have seen, 144 of them were “not worth seeing” or 14%. Considering I intentionally skip most movies with terrible reviews, this means featured986% of the time I find the movie redeeming.

My picks for the best film of the year stand up as an eclectic collection. Only 1 of the films is not well known (50/50). 3 won the best picture Oscar. Another 7 were nominated (and Gravity might win). 5 were not nominated for best picture.

I can’t say which is the best. I haven’t watched 6 of the 15 a second time. I have seen 6 of them multiple times. One director repeats on the 15 – Ang Lee for two wildly different genres. I have watched other films (ex. Mean Girls) more than any of these films, but that doesn’t make it the “best,” just the most enjoyable.

See my #1 list below.

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#BlogElul via the Movies 2 – Inventory Before the End

It is a standard of near death and pre-death cinematic experiences to have your “life flash before eyes” just as you die or think you are about it. Such a whirl of reflection is logical. It is a great way to review the arc of the film and see the character’s meaningful or disappointing journey. It is a helpful plot device as well if the character does not die to push them to a change of behavior.

Examples include films such as Armageddon, Vanilla Sky, American Beauty, and, amusingly to Max in the remake of The Producers: “”I see my mother in a nice, gingham gown calling, ‘Alvin! Don’t forget to do your chores! The wood needs a cuttin’ and the cows needs a milkin’! Alvin! Alllllvin!’ Wait. My name’s not Alvin… Someone else’s life is flashing before my eyes.” Continue reading