Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

PG-13, 151 Minutes, 2016

uRUJzQY.jpgI grew up watching Batman and Superman. First it was The Superfriends, the quasi-Justice League show full of cheese. Then reruns of TV’s Batman and its corniness. As a pre-teen and teen I was a huge Justice League comics fan with a variety of super-heroes teaming up to fight world shattering human and alien villains. As an adult, I read fewer comics, but have seen nearly every DC comics animated, live action TV, and cinematic incarnation and have appreciated stories from the lighthearted to the more intense. You might say I’m the perfect candidate for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the bridge movie from Man of Steel to The Justice League.

Except I’m not. Reflecting the darker comics of Frank Miller and other writers, the current incarnation of DC Superheroes is very dark. The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan was absolutely brilliant, but by The Dark Knight Rises, the widespread civilian causalities and lack of any humor made for a bit of a slog.

Now DC is trying to jump start its late-to-the-game movie empire by having Zack Snyder continue this dark trend he presented so mediocrely in Man of Steel. First, let’s be honest. Zack Snyder isn’t such a great director. 300 was an unexpected action fest, but hardly a classic. Watchmen didn’t live up to expectations. He is serviceable. And he loves long and dark films.

If you love the dark tone of Man of Steel with hundreds (but realistically thousands) of innocent lives lost and the ridiculous ending of Superman out-and-out murdering Zod, Batman v Superman may be for you. But if you like your superheroes to be heroes – praiseworthy exemplars of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, than this movie will disappoint.

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Best Movies So Far in 1 Phrase

As we imageshit the halfway mark in 2014, I already have a Top 10. It won’t stay that way. Likely at least ½ of these films won’t even be on my Top 20 by next Oscar time. But I thought it’d be worth to point out the best and worst of what’s come out so far. I decided to reflect on them with what’s the ONE thing I remember best about the film.

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The Iced Tea Taste Challenge

I don’t drink coffee.

But I surely need my caffeine fix like many others. So I have been drinking iced tea for a long time. Iced tea is easy to make, comes in various flavors, and, if unsweetened, usually has Zero calories. So I drink iced tea the way some people drink too much Diet Coke.

But which Iced Tea?

Unknown For years living in Livingston, NJ, I passed a Dunkin Donuts on the way to work and would drink their large black unsweetened iced tea with a  lemon in it. When it was on sale for 99 cents, it was a great time…and a bit jittery.

imagesStarbucks lagged behind, but they introduced their shaken iced tea. The problem? Their “venti” wasn’t that large. Until they introduced the “treinta.” Now we have potential competition. But Dunkin Donuts was more convenient.

Then I moved to California. There are currently no Dunkin Donuts in California. Starbucks therefore moved up in the convenience department especially with one across the street from my house. Adding the iPhone app made it easy – and I got FREE refills and free drinks from the app. (Potential jittery)

Now I am in New York City. The Starbucks and the Dunkin Donuts are across the street from each other. They each have their merits in other areas, but which Iced Tea was best.

So we set up a taste test…

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