The Academy Awards – Who Should Win? 2016 Oscars

Predicting the Oscars has become a game of one or two major categories (this year Picture and Director surprisingly) and figuring out categories no one really knows (Live Action Short). You can find many “experts” to help with your Oscar pool.

Much more fun is to imagine if you had a voting ballot and select who you would vote for. Not who WILL win, but who SHOULD win.

Having seen all of the nominees for the awards below (except one), here are my choices if I could vote in the Oscars.


Picture – Room was the best film of the year. I’ve heard it made people claustrophobic or uncomfortable or angry. I’ve heard it might not be better than the book. It was still the best picture of 2015.


Actor – Jacob Tremblay was denied his rightful nomination because of his age and “category confusion.” Of the nominees, Leonardo DiCaprio is clearly the best. He should have won it back for The Aviator, so this is long overdue.

Actress – No shocker – I’m picking Brie Larson in Room. No one held my heart and mind more in a film this year.


Supporting Actor – Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Bridge of Spies, Mark Rylance’s performance elevated every moment.

Supporting Actress – Harder because 2 of the nominees are really Best Actress roles and I am reluctant to vote for them here. But I pick Kate Winslet in Jobs who was unrecognizable and stellar in an otherwise okay movie.


Director – George Miller in Mad Max: Fury Road created the most unexpected, entertaining, genre challenging film of the year. At 70 too.


Adapted Screenplay – I am tempted to pick The Martian,just because I really liked the book. But I didn’t read the other four nominees, to compare book vs. script. So I’d pick Room adapted by the author Emma Donaghue.


Original Screenplay – Inside Out was so well written and made me cry. A lot.


Animated Film – I never saw (or even heard of) Boy & The World. It still isn’t available yet. But I am confident I won’t find it better than Inside Out.

Of the actual winners announced on Sunday, my “should” picks will only win Animated Films. At least this year there is some tension of who will win Best Picture.

Those are my picks – who would you have the golden statuette go to if you could vote?


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