Mini-Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic-World-The-GameJurassic World is definitely a sequel. It offers far too numerous homages and call-backs to the first film, but it also runs like a reboot with a plot that is identical to the original movie. It is saddled by many of same failings of other actions films. The characters are all one-dimensional and never branch out beyond an initial casting call description. The exception is “frigid boss woman” played by Bryce Dallas Howard. We know from the first moments she will eventually “lighten up” in order to be a suitable match for the easy-going hero (Chris Pratt). As is found regularly in PG-13 action today, the body count is incredible high with many innocent bystanders being horribly and anonymously killed, but off-screen and bloodless, so the movie thinks it is okay.

112614_Mosasaur_CloseUpThe security system was in the Jurassic World amusement park is really really terrible – especially notable as it is an amusement park located on an island with giant carnivores and a troubling past. I am sure Disney does more to contain The Big Bad Wolf and Beast at Dsneyworld than Jurassic World does to its dinosaurs. The special effects are impressive, but lack a wow factor 22 years after Spielberg’s original. We’ve seen dinosaurs and lots of other cool CGI beasts since then. Only the big sea dinosaur (who apparently isn’t a dinosaur but mosasaur) was really exciting.

But despite it’s flaws, I was rooting for the characters and got caught up in the tension. It’s a fun, summer action blockbuster to be seen in theaters and mindlessly enjoyed.

2 comments on “Mini-Review: Jurassic World

  1. says:

    Do you think Kk would like it or is it too scary.

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    • mkaiserman says:

      It can get pretty intense – scary dinosaurs, middle school age boy in peril, some horrible deaths (one in particular on-screen). I think it might be too scary.

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