The Academy Awards – Who Should Win? 2014


A good controversy makes for a good Oscar year. Sharp disagreements such as The King’s Speech vs. Social Network make for entertaining fodder. But this year has been disappointing. I liked all the movies nominated for the Big 8 awards. Some I like more, but I don’t even dislike any of them. The acting awards, while not always my personal selection, did just fine. It’s not a year of dramatic passions.

So welcome to my picks for who I vote for if I had an Oscar ballot. This is not who WILL win. For that see info on my Oscar pool at the bottom of the post. This is who SHOULD win. Oscar voters are notorious for voting with their heart – for their favorite actors, to reward past performance, and to vote against films and filmmakers. I’m no better.

Unlike some Oscar voters, I have seen the nominees for all 7 of the major awards.

390-oballot-0116PICTURE – Gravity – It was the only film that felt like it was carving out something new and totally original. It was entertaining and memorable. But if 12 Years a Slave wins, I won’t be upset.

DIRECTOR – Frankly David O. Russell deserves more praise. His last 3 films have results in 11 (11!) nominations for his actors (and Mark Wahlberg was snubbed for The Fighter). No one can argue with Steve McQueen winning for 12 Years a Slave and that’s one of those historic wins that the Academy likes patting itself on the back on the rare occasion they recognize someone who isn’t a white male. But Gravity was so original and so technically complicated, Alfonso Cuarón deserves it for sure. And he isn’t a white male either.

e3613dc2cc8a34e368637a0ad2cffa29ACTOR – McConaughey really deserves it. But I’m voting for DiCaprio. He’s never won and has deserved it.

694613-best-actress-nominees-for-2014-oscarsACTRESS – Perhaps because Cate Blanchett annoyed me so much in Blue Jasmine she should get my vote. Sandra Bullock carried Gravity, literally, but she just won an Oscar. So I am going with Amy Adams. She has never won, has deserved it, and was great in American Hustle. It’s my vote. I can play favorites.

SUPPORTING ACTOR – Jared Leto was fine. But frankly I am sick of straight actors playing gay and transgender roles. Let a gay man play it (and then be told he shouldn’t win cause he “wasn’t acting”). Oscar loves straight people cross dressing. But that’s not enough to get my vote. This was the best I’ve ever seen Jonah Hill whom I normally am not impressed with.  But I’m going with a surprise even for me – Bradley Cooper. American Hustle was way over the top and all the actors were phenomenal.

Oscars_Best_Supporting Actors_Best_Supporting Actresses copySUPPORTING ACTRESS – Any of the five are fine. Jennifer Lawrence was the most memorable, but I am still bothered that she was about 15 years too young for her part. Lupita Nyong’o was tremendous. Unlike the Oscars, I don’t like giving my vote to a rookie actor. So I’ll go with June Squibb. Without her, Nebraska, a fine but plodding film, would have been a tough road.

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY – Philomena by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope. Not because it was the best of the 5 nominees, but it was the most complete story and the most unexpected surprise. (Yes, Captain Phillips which I loved, was also complete, but doesn’t get my vote because of the controversy on the “truth” of the story. I’m the captain, now.)

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY – Her by Spike Jonze. So original and believable. I have been told that men in general liked this film and women did not. Is that your experience?

2014-oscar-nominations-best-animated-filmANIMATED FILM – I haven’t seen 2 of the nominees – The Wind Rises was just released into theaters and Ernest & Celestine is due for a March release. I expect The Wind Rises will end up being my favorite, but until then I’ll go with Frozen. I thought The Croods, while beautiful, was supremely dumb.

Again these are who I would vote for to win. Not who will win.


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4 comments on “The Academy Awards – Who Should Win? 2014

  1. Judy Kaiserman says:

    As always well written. I agree with most of your logic.

    This woman liked “Her” and I wish Scarlet Johansson was nominated. Totally disliked June Squibb. If they wanted her to sound like Kathy Bates, they should have gotten Bates.

    What I liked about Gravity was no NASA, all outer space. Didn’t like Nebraska. Didn’t like Cate Blanchett, did like Judy Densch.

    I forwarded your email to my three movie buff friends ~ Toni, Jill, Lynda. xoxo

  2. Lenore Lerner says:

    agreed with most of your comments. I did like June Squibb but agree with you – Nebraska was plodding and June brought some life to it. Disappointing. Didn’t see Gravity yet ! Or Wolf of Wall Street. Don’t want to see Wolf – should I?
    Loved, if you can love, 12 Years a Slave – even thought a lot of it was spent with my head in my lap.
    DiCaprio should win, but loved McConaughey.
    Captain Phillips was great.
    American Hustle great and I wouldn’t mind seeing Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper win. All were great. Was not expecting to like it so much.

  3. Lenore Lerner says:

    I liked “Her” and last time I noticed, I was still a woman. Interesting film and so well done.

  4. Lenore Lerner says:

    Interesting to not hear any replies from blogger

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