Red Carpet Redux

MK OscarsOne year ago, I had a great day.

It was the Academy Awards, my SuperBowl day. But this year, I won an auction to have seats in the bleachers for the Red Carpet. Granted, I’d rather be in the Dolby Theater itself, but this would do fine.

It was a lot of fun.

You saw so many stars pretty close. The inner-workings of the complicated mash of media, celebrity, television production, news, fans, and fashion were all on display. And they treated those of us in the stands pretty nicely too – both the organizers and most of the celebrities.

You can re-visit my posts on the Red Carpet. Start with the bottommost post and work up.

This year, I’ll be watching E! and ABC for the Red Carpet treatment. And I love The Fashion Police with Joan Rivers afterwards.

SecuritySo remembering a great day in 2013 with David Glickman and the Red Carpet (which comes in several shade of red) and wishing I was there again. And looking forward to Oscars 2014. My “should win” post will come up later this week.

In the meantime, join my Oscar pool! (Prize for the winner.)

Predict the Oscars online with RaMaKblog.

  • Fill out the quick registration on the right (UserID, password, email, name) and we’re off.
  • If needed: Pool Name: RaMaK Oscar Pool, Password: Quincy

Enjoy the best movie time of the year – regardless of who wins.

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