15 Years of #1s

number-1It occurred to me that this is the 15th year I have been actively keeping a Top 10 movies list. So I did a little number crunching.

Of movies released from 1999-2013, I have seen 1029 (or 68.9 movies a year). Granted I see movies years after they are released and I also see movies released before 1999, so this is not an actual record of how many movies I see a year. But apparently I see quite a lot.

Of the movies I have seen, 144 of them were “not worth seeing” or 14%. Considering I intentionally skip most movies with terrible reviews, this means featured986% of the time I find the movie redeeming.

My picks for the best film of the year stand up as an eclectic collection. Only 1 of the films is not well known (50/50). 3 won the best picture Oscar. Another 7 were nominated (and Gravity might win). 5 were not nominated for best picture.

I can’t say which is the best. I haven’t watched 6 of the 15 a second time. I have seen 6 of them multiple times. One director repeats on the 15 – Ang Lee for two wildly different genres. I have watched other films (ex. Mean Girls) more than any of these films, but that doesn’t make it the “best,” just the most enjoyable.

See my #1 list below.


  • 1999: Being John Malkovich
  • 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • 2001: Memento
  • 2002: The Pianist
  • 2003: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  • 2004: The Aviator
  • 2005: Brokeback Mountain
  • 2006: Dreamgirls
  • 2007: Juno
  • 2008: The Dark Knight
  • 2009: Up in the Air
  • 2010: The King’s Speech
  • 2011: 50/50
  • 2012: Argo
  • 2013: Gravity

1999 was the best year for films of the 15 different years.

Here is my top 10 from 1999 as they all are very worthy of watching when you are looking for something to see:being-john-malkovich

  1. Being John Malkovich
  2. Toy Story 2
  3. American Beauty
  4. All About My Mother
  5. South Park: Bigger, Long, and Uncut
  6. Dogma
  7. Three Kings
  8. The Iron Giant
  9. The Matrix
  10. Election


And that doesn’t include Fight Club (which would make my Top 10 now replacing Dogma), Dick, Galaxy Quest, Go, The Green Mile, The Hurricane, Liberty Heights, Run Lola Run, The Sixth Sense, The Straight Story, Sunshine, Topsy-Turvy, and much more. A fantastic year of film.

85th Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon - PortraitsI especially recommend Three Kings for its great cast and to see the early work of director David O. Russell who famously did American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter. All his films are worth checking out including I Heart Huckabees, Flirting With Disaster, and Spanking the Monkey (although those 3 early films are really not for everyone)

So what’s the BEST film of the past 15 years?

What film do you watch the most/enjoy the most?

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