Now You See Me…But I Wish I Hadn’t

  • Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Foxalfred and lucius
  • Bruce Banner2chke39
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Haymitch AbernathyJesse-Eisenberg-The-Social-Network-jesse-eisenberg-20554690-1236-79520120408230450!Haymitch_abernathy_promo
  • Rebel Alley
  • James Franco’s Brother5b8aaf0a6c9e44ca_isla.xxxlarge_1tumblr_lg7kr2VfUP1qa6isdo1_500
  • Shoshana from Inglourious Basterds
  • …and Commontumblr_kor1zaV9FJ1qzbrt3o1_400commmmmon

What do they all have in…common?

Every one of those characters are far more interesting and well-established than the cardboard personas written and acted for the same actors in Now You See Me.

now_you_see_me_xlgFor an amazing cast with magic and heists and plot twists, it was flat, uneventful, and forgettable.


  • The secrets of a few cool magic tricks were revealed
  • Dave Franco is criminally underused and continues to show tremendous promise. (He was also the only good thing about that regrettable final season of Scrubs)
  • A few of plot of twists were clever


  • Pretty much everything else.
  • Much of the final plot reveals were hinted at in giant skywriting and graffiti (metaphorically) all throughout the film.
  • No one actually seemed like they were acting real people. Instead it was if everyone was given 1 personality trait and told to read all their lines with only that in mind.
  • The plot twists, magic, end result, and more do not hold together unless logic is ignored. (perfect for a movie whose tag line is “The closer you look, the less you’ll see.”)
  • Not a single character was actually interesting. I couldn’t root for anyone. I also couldn’t root against anyone. Except Mark Ruffalo who is actually the protagonist of the movie and is uncharacteristically exasperating.

Ultimately, it is a forgettable film with a forgettable name and a good cast. Should be an excellent entry on Doug Loves Movies’ Leonard Maltin Game in 10 years.

It is not offensive. Just boring and a waste of time.blogwasteoftimehourglass

2 comments on “Now You See Me…But I Wish I Hadn’t

  1. Bobi says:

    How disappointing. I was going to see it tomorrow after hearing a few good reviews out here. After Earth got panned so either it is the Great Gatsby or sitting on the deck and listed to the cicadas sing (not one in sight but the chorus is pretty amazing)

  2. […] that movie starring lots of actors known for big budget roles in recent years that I said was a boring waste of time? To test my theory about the flaws of Now You See Me, I watched […]

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