The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – The Oscar

IMG_1705Throughout February, there was apparently an Academy Award promotional campaign called the Oscar Roadtrip. Led by celebrities you have to look up to have any idea who they are – Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup – an actual Oscar statue was brought around the country and placed in people’s hands for maximum Twitter and Instagram low level marketing.


Their last stop…the Red Carpet on Oscar night, of course. Around 10:30am, Ben and Angie appeared on the stage in front of my bleachers on the red carpet. The said this was the first time an Oscar statue had appeared on the red carpet. And that they were making further history as they would bring the Oscar into the bleachers. And if an idea is worth doing, it is worth doing big –  they were actually going to bring TWO Oscars into the bleachers.

IMG_1707I was naturally interested, but a bit dubious. Having them walk through the bleachers with an Oscar meant only a handful of people would get to hold it. I determined I would be one of those people. I should have relied on the sign right in front of me. As if a prophet from a crazy movie asylum, standing only a few feet from me at that moment was the woman in the picture on the right. I never saw her again, but in the moment I should have seen she was a symbol that the time ahead would be fortuitous.

Angie and Ben showed up in our bleachers and began taking random paths through the crowd letting people hold the Oscar and take photos. Ben seemed to be on a clock. I anticipated he’d head my way, but overheard a few staffers saying they had to go to the other bleachers and would go down the other staircase. In a flash, I was the lone person waiting at the bottom of the stairs like the paparazzi stalking Brangelina.

IMG_1712Angie raced down the stairs with staff. I politely, but forcefully asked to hold it and didn’t really wait for a response. But as I was alone, I had no camera ready. I’d have just my moment of briefly holding the iconic statue to carry me on.

What went through my head on grabbing it? The same thing that goes through everyone’s head when they hold an Oscar for the first time: “It’s kinda heavy.”

According to an official Oscar web page, the statue is 13 1/2 inches tall and 8 1/2 pounds.

Satisfied with my moment of Oscar glory, I went looking for new snacks. I didn’t find any. What iI found was much better.

Unannounced, a photo area had been set up to allow every one in the Fan Experience a chance to get a shot with an Oscar. One of the kind staffers took our photo. The line was long, but we made friends (well, really, my friend David made friends and I met people in his wake), and they eventually brought the 2nd Oscar from the stands to also be used.

There was an undercurrent of “hurry”  that made little sense. We had nowhere to go and I didn’t think they were handing out out these 2 actual statues that night. Turned out, they were taking photos an hour after I was done, so the hurry may have just been apprehension of trying to get almost 700 people eventually through the line.

So I got to hold the statue again and this time I have photographic proof. It’s just a statue. It isn’t even someone’s particular award. Maybe that makes it better – everyone can imagine it being yours. The stuff that dreams are made of. A moment – just a moment – of connecting with all of filmdom.

When I went to Toronto once, I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame. There was a reverence when the fans got to the room with the Stanley Cup. Not being a hockey fan, I didn’t really get it. Although this isn’t totally comparable, I felt that bond and joy. I may have liked that moment of holding the Oscar more than seeing any of the celebrities. And I got a new profile photo for Facebook too.


Final post coming: Dresses on the Red Carpet (Amateur Edition)

2 comments on “The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – The Oscar

  1. Bobi Littman says:

    Patience pays off. Don’t forget to post your win/loss totals for the awards… That has gone from the most exciting thing on Oscar night to the least interesting experience LOL

  2. Sharon Willey says:

    It is appropriate. I know we in Dallas would award you the Oscar for the best Purim Shpiel!

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