Why All the Red Matters to Me

HRC LogoA beautiful post by Rabbi Eleanor Steinman of California Faith for Equality on the recent mass changes in profile pictures on Facebook for Marriage Equality. I get quoted.

Check out her whole blog for her personal recap of going to DC for the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA.


And also check out some of the incredibly creative varieties of the Marriage Equality logo here and here and few selected images below.

mawwage-equality yoda-equality matzah-equality peanuts-gay-marriageopposed-to-marriage-equality

House of Cards

housecardsI finished watching Netflix’s House of Cards last week. While I saw all 13 episodes in a relatively brief time, I did not have the same intensity as with other marathon TV watching (ex. early seasons of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, Parks and Recreation). I did not binge.

The main reason? I just didn’t really like almost any of the characters.

The men are byproducts of their vices and power. There is little self-control or morality at play.

The women ultimately are objects of desire who use sex to further their ends (with some exceptions).

The show is wonderfully acted with great production values, surpassing twists, and great suspense and surprise. But that’s only enough to make it good.

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The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – The Oscar

IMG_1705Throughout February, there was apparently an Academy Award promotional campaign called the Oscar Roadtrip. Led by celebrities you have to look up to have any idea who they are – Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup – an actual Oscar statue was brought around the country and placed in people’s hands for maximum Twitter and Instagram low level marketing.


Their last stop…the Red Carpet on Oscar night, of course. Around 10:30am, Ben and Angie appeared on the stage in front of my bleachers on the red carpet. The said this was the first time an Oscar statue had appeared on the red carpet. And that they were making further history as they would bring the Oscar into the bleachers. And if an idea is worth doing, it is worth doing big –  they were actually going to bring TWO Oscars into the bleachers.

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