The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – Food and Gift Bag

Okay, celebrities are fine, but what about the food and freebies?

Here we go:

Breakfast – LA Bagels with cream cheese, Coffee

Drinks (all day) – Vitamin Water Zero (the red one), Coke, Diet Coke, Water

Lunch – Box lunches brought to us in the stands with either a turkey or roasted veggie sandwich, chips, chocolate chip cookie, and a red apple. It was quite tasty and filling.

Bathrooms -We were not stuck in the bleachers. There was a large area behind them that had 10 Port-a-Potties. Also 6 very nice portable sinks with built in soap dispenser and towels. Lines moved well.

Dinner – A buffet at El Capitan with mostly finger foods we could easily eat sitting in the movie theater watching the Oscars. Click on the picture below to see the full menu. It was also tasty. The ice cream (chocolate or vanilla) really hit the spot.

MenuIn addition, we all received a coupon to get a bucket of popcorn, which felt perfect to match our setting.

On the way out, we received two cake lollipops. I gave them away to my godson, so I have no idea if they were good. They looked good, though.

Barbara (Bobi Su) Littman is the winner of yesterday’s photo contest correctly finding Daniel Day Lewis in his stylish tux in the crowd.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang has been catering the governor’s ball that immediately follows the Oscar ceremony for years. He creates all sorts of Oscar shaped tasty treats including Oscar chocolates (tossed into the bleachers – but nowhere near us) and good looking sushi. The cake with the Oscar topping it rolled past us early from the Dolby to the start of the carpet. We then saw it as an early “celebrity” for interviews on the red carpet.

Celeb - Wolfgang Puck

The Gift Bag

The Academy Award (in)famous gift bag has stuff worth up to $45,000, which is about half as valuable as it used to be according to the Huffington Post.

The gift bags we received didn’t include trips to Australia or “vampire face lifts.” They also didn’t include sunscreen, which would have been very popular on this particularly hot day.

Sponsored by People Magazine, we received:

Oscar Gift Bag Oscar Gift Bag

  • Tote Bag (see in pic being checked out by my dog, Quincy)
  • An olive green Oscar Fan Experience shirt
  • A rain poncho (in other years, very nice – this year, the sunscreen)
  • Toiletries: toothpaste, wisps, disinfectant spray, face wipes, hand sanitizer, kleenex
  • Snacks: applesauce, microwave popcorn, pretzel chips, popcorn chips, tic tacs, cinnamon apple chips, chocolate nut bar, Reese’s pieces
  • A pen
  • Word magnets from People
  • A picture holder from People
  • A compact from People
  • 2 free digital issues of People
  • There were also issues of People available on the tables

Oscar Gift Bag

I was hoping for a Cartier watch or nice sunglasses, but i’m never one to scoff at a free gift bag. Without it, I’d never have learned that Applesauce now comes in “on the go” squeeze variety.

Next post: The Oscar Statue and Me

One comment on “The Oscar Red Carpet Experience – Food and Gift Bag

  1. Bobi Littman says:

    woohoo… I finally won something! More importantly I have learned about squeezable applesauce and need to go on a hunt for it

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