Lincoln vs. Lincoln

ALVH Lincoln-Poster2012 saw the release of 2 Abraham Lincoln movies: Lincoln, the Academy Awards darling directed by Steven Spielberg, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (ALVH), a goofy action film directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The films are not in the same league – comparing them is like reflecting on Schindler’s List to Hogan’s Heroes.

But I am going to anyway in a variety of totally made-up and subjective categories.

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Speculating Les Miserables Music

Les Miserables SymphonicFinished my unnecessary listening to the 5 soundtracks to Les Misérables that I own. They range from the standard Broadway cast recording to the only complete and full recording of the entire score.

As I enjoyed myself, I found a few things. Some of the songs do not hold up on repeat usage (I find “Turnings” to be a bit annoying and frankly “Castles on a Cloud” loses some charm with frequent listening). Some most definitely do (anything sung by Jean Valjean – regardless of the performer, “One More Day”, “Do You Hear the People Sing”).

I also recognized listening to the songs that I don’t actually know as many of the words as I think I do. Certainly on the songs with many parts overlapping, I am not sure of myself. But even some of the solos, I am a bit weak on my singing along abilities. I also knew that hearing these stupendous voices on the recordings were setting me up for disappointment. I adore Hugh Jackman, but he isn’t going to hit that high note at the end of “Who Am I?”

I couldn’t help but speculate which songs weren’t going to make it to the final version. The Complete Symphonic Recording is about 2:45. The movie musical is 2:37 and includes a brand new song (“Suddenly” sung by Valjean). Clearly stuff is going.

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