#BlogElul via the Movies 20 – Messing Up the End

Sometimes you just can’t end it. Or when you do you end something you do it poorly. Do you recognize these behaviors as exemplified by movies?

NEVER QUITE FIND THE ENDING – It is hard to find the right way to say goodbye. Sometimes you try them all. How many times did people in the theater think The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King had too many endings?

CAN’T QUITE LET GO – It’s time to leave it alone already, but you keep finding ways to make it a bigger deal than it really needs to. Maybe it’s a Peter Jackson thing, but he has decided to stretch the slim tale in The Hobbit into three books. Sounds like two books too many.

PLEASE STOP. REALLY STOP. – That couple that keeps breaking up and getting back together. Just end it! Sequels to movies that didn’t deserve them are now so ubiquitous it is hard to pick just one. Horror movies are too obvious. Let’s go with American Pie. The first one was funny. The 3 Hollywood sequels were fair at best. The “side” sequels wear abysmal. I’m sorry Eugene Levy has such big mortgage payments to need to be in all of them.

HAS TO ADD ON A FINAL WORD – AND MAKE IT WORSE – Sometimes you have some good things to share. But you add a little more and more and more. And then you get a film like A.I. Artificial Intelligence which was a poorer film with every passing additional minute. In a different way, making Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just barely avoided ruining the brilliant trilogy. Know when to stop.

JUST BAD AT ENDINGS – If you end things really poorly it can mess up the whole rest of it – even the previous good stuff earlier. Just like in Signs. Aliens invade a planet with 70% water and where it rains. But you are killed by water? I shared a similar feeling about Titanic‘s ending previously.

GIVE UP AT DOING SOMETHING COHERENT AND END ON NONSENSE – In desperation, we end things with craziness. Prometheus and Men in Black 3 both ended on incomprehensible silliness that showed the writers just had to finish the script.

I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING – A twist! More common in movies than real life, but sometimes people surprise you. People are as found of twists in day-to-day life as in the movies. Click here for one author’s best and worst movie twists list. (But obviously they all spoil the end of movies)

YOU JUST GOT IT WRONG – You end it. You end it with dignity. But you shouldn’t have ended it that way. I am still sad about the ending of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

CAN’T SEE THE MESS AROUND YOU – Just go rent Everything Must Go. It’s a great movie on bad and then proper endings.

Oh, if you ever need to know the ending of a movie – ’cause you want to know the “twist” in a film you’ll never see or you fell asleep watching it or whatever, go to The Movie Pooper or The Movie Spoiler.

When it’s time to end it, do it. You can then get started on your new beginning.

Which endings did you hate from movies? Post them below.

#BlogElul is the brainchild of @imabima who blogs at imabima.blogspot.com. For the 30 days of Elul, the spiritual preparation before the Jewish High Holy Days, many Jews will be reflecting on the themes of the season. My posts will all be through the lens of movies. You can see all the themes in the graphic. Follow all the other excellent postings through Twitter at #BlogElul along with related items #Elulgram and #PopCultureElul.

3 comments on “#BlogElul via the Movies 20 – Messing Up the End

  1. rabbiisa says:

    Jim Henson said that endings were the hardest thing to write. Which is why so many Muppet Show sketches end with explosions. Blowing stuff up always works. 🙂

    • mkaiserman says:

      Monty Python had the same issue and so they ended skits by killing the other characters or on a non-sequiter or just have the Colonel come in and say the skit was silly.

  2. […] I watched some scenes from Men in Black III. I’ve seen this film and thought it was lacking plot, dialogue, and interesting characters. So […]

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