#BlogElul via the Movies 15 – For Your Health

For your health this Elul  – and forever more – do not watch Patch Adams. It is a terrible movie. Just terrible. Terrible. Really terrible. Just terrible.

On the other hand, if you want to see a really underrated film, also about health, that I loved, check out 50/50.

PS Hebrew poster’s translation of the English catchphrase for 50/50 is smile inducing

2 comments on “#BlogElul via the Movies 15 – For Your Health

  1. seporah1234 says:

    We’re sure you’ve seen the movie The Doctor (1991) with William Hurt. It’s about health and becoming humble. We wish every doctor would see the movie in medical school along with having a course on “bedside manner.”

  2. The tagline on the America 50/50 poster is: It takes a pair to beat the odds. (Referring to both JGL and Rogen and the other pair…).
    The Hebrew is pretty much identical – It takes 2 of them…. – getting again the double meaning.
    I like double meanings on posters.

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