#BlogElul via the Movies 5 – A Fish Called Teshuvah

(Note: The movie quotes below use words that you probably wouldn’t use in front of your grandmother, but can be said on Prime Time TV today without bleeping. Just so you know they are coming…)

 “Trust me,” Katniss Everdeen says in the recent big-screen adaptation of the best-selling The Hunger Games. Trust is a basic necessity of everyday living even for teenagers forced into a public game to kill each other. We trust the other drivers on the road to obey certain rules. We trust the restaurant to give us clean, healthy foods. We trust our politicians to make laws and policies in society’s best interests. Frankly, we do a lot of trusting of complete strangers all day long.

In one of my all-time favorite comedies, A Fish Called Wanda, a gang of jewel thieves is also stabbing each other in the back. But to achieve their goal of gaining sole possession of the stolen diamonds, they must continually reassess their trust of one another. For example, when Kevin Kline (in a wonderful Oscar winning role) as Otto and Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda go to steal the diamonds from the secret hiding place, Wanda is planning on bashing Otto over the head the moment they pull them from the safe. When the jewels aren’t there, she quickly has to alter her plans. Otto’s response to the diamonds having been moved is amusing considering he was in the process of stealing them.

Otto: “Ok… Ok… DISAPPOINTED. Son of a bitch. What do you have to do in this world to make people trust you?”

Ken, the good-hearted member of the gang loves animals and has a significant stutter. When asked why he favors them over humans, he says:

Otto: You really like animals don’t you, Ken? What’s the attraction?

Ken: Well, you can t-t-trust them and they don’t sh-sh-sh-sh…

Otto: Shit on you?

Ken: …Show off all the t-time.

 Even among thieves, trust is needed, earned, and lost. In this season of self-reflection, consider where you lay your greatest trust. And who relies on you? How was it earned? And how has trust been lost in your life? And for those you have the most faith in, how do you thank them for the gift of trust you share?

#BlogElul is the brainchild of @imabima who blogs at imabima.blogspot.com. For the 30 days of Elul, the spiritual preparation before the Jewish High Holy Days, many Jews will be reflecting on the themes of the season. My posts will all be through the lens of movies. You can see all the themes in the graphic. Follow all the other excellent postings through Twitter at #BlogElul along with related items #Elulgram and #PopCultureElul.

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