It is clear that George Carlin was totally right. It’s all about finding a place for  stuff.

I spent the last months reducing how much stuff I had – getting rid of books, DVDs, mementos, clothing, furniture, and more. Not because I didn’t like that stuff, but because moving it and holding onto it didn’t make sense with a cross-country 1-year move.

For the actual move itself, I subdivided my stuff into only a few categories: Stuff to fly with for vacation in Portland, stuff to ship to have extra things when I got to LA, and everything else. It was a great plan. On vacation in Portland, I had mostly the right stuff. Getting to LA, I had all new stuff to look at from the box that was shipped. When I went to Las Vegas for an unexpected few days, I had to re-sort all my stuff, but thanks to Carlin I knew what to bring.

But then there was a bump in the plan. I had brought enough stuff to last me just a few days beyond the latest possible arrival date for the movers. The movers, though, decided that our arrangement was mostly optional. They have delayed the arrival of all my stuff by at least 9 days from the original deadline. So, I don’t have the “right stuff” or even “enough stuff”. So much so that I am not moving into my apartment, but will live out of a hotel until I get my stuff. Not the original plan.

Perhaps that was part of the need for the Tabernacle in the Wilderness in Exodus. Where else would the Israelites be able to put a golden candelabrum or the ark of the covenant? The Torah is very clear where to put that stuff just as we have specific places where we put stuff in our sanctuaries – the official things like the Torah, but the unofficial things like a really old bible or our own bodies that we place in the spot in the sanctuary every single week.

The frustrating delay of my stuff will ultimately be a simple inconvenience. It is magnified by only being out here for 1 year – the sooner I am settled in my home, the sooner I can get feel comfortable because I’ve found a place for all my stuff.

So appreciate your stuff, wherever it is.

Here’s Carlin’s “Stuff” routine. Note, he curses in it so don’t click if you are bothered by that sort of thing: George Carlin on Stuff

5 comments on “Stuff

  1. Stacy Hirschberg says:

    So so well written- and so true! I hope your “stuff” arrives soon and you’re settled before you know it!

  2. Pam Chirls says:

    How could I not click through to a blog post about STUFF? This is an old-time, laugh-out-loud routine by George Carlin, which reminds us to be the leaders of our STUFF and keep only what’s really important. It sounds like you found your way across the country, through the dessert, to destination LA area with just the right STUFF. What a joy to travel with you!

  3. Love that Carlin bit – hope the rest of the move goes smoothly! Like the Torah connection – nice.

  4. Dana Hollis says:

    Carlin always made us laugh and his routine on STUFF is no exception. And can we ever identify with it, more than we can possibly say! Hope your STUFF arrives soon, and in the meantime- ha ha, you are probably buying INTERIM STUFF!
    STUFF, STUFF, and more STUFF, makes you feel right at home!
    PS If you need more STUFF, maybe you’d like some of ours- have you seen our garage lately???!

  5. […] it is Déjà vu all over again. I’ve moved cross country. My stuff is delayed (and I stand by my original post on “Stuff”). Constant change and transition is tough and many of us are not cut out for […]

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